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Progressed Moon Reading

This session lasts 30min and you will receive a recording of your session for you to revisit whenever you like.



This reading will support you to get clarity and emotional awareness to find healing and inner peace as you discover your emotional landscape.

You can book by adding the product above to your cart, make the payment and book your session via this link:…/astrology-session

If you have your natal chart details or your have had a natal chart reading with me, we can dive even deeper and look at the most personalised version of your progressed moon for you! 

If you haven’t had a full natal chart astrology reading yet and you would like to receive this type of reading, I would love to be able to serve you with a very personalised reading of your chart. Please send me an email with your birth details to For more information on this type of reading, see the product ‘Natal Chart’

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