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Guided meditation

We live in a society where we are forced to be active 24/7. Go to work, study, provide for our family, and so many other things that generate huge amounts of stress and negative feelings and day to day those feelings are kept inside, damaging us.

While our action is focused on everyone else and the things we have to do in our daily life, we forget about the most significant person of all, ourselves. Our mental health is as important as our physical health. It may seem obvious, but believe it or not, it’s not.

It’s necessary to connect with our inner-self in these types of situations and meditation is a great tool to achieve it. However, meditation is not an easy task, that’s why guided meditation is so helpful. Sometimes we need the company of experts to achieve our goals. Meditation is no different.

I am here to provide you with the guidance and confidence to be able to connect with yourself and explore the problems that have been troubling you. Liberate the great amounts of stress and negative feelings so that you may start walking your own path of happiness.

Types of meditation

There are several types of meditation and relaxation exercises that have some kind of meditation component. All share the same goal of achieving inner peace and being able to pay attention to the present moment.

There are many ways in which you can perform meditation. Here are a few I would like to show you:

• Guided meditation

In this type of meditation, you have an expert that provides guidance and knowledge. The expert helps you form mental images of places or situations that you find relaxing.

It gives you the opportunity to activate as many senses as possible, such as smells, sounds, sights and textures.

• Mantra meditation

Here you silently but repeatedly say a calming word, phrase or thought to prevent any distraction.

• Mindfulness meditation

This kind of meditation is based on being mindful, having an increased awareness and acceptance of living in the present moment.

Part of the mindfulness meditations are the mindfulness trainings that help us to live in the present moment. Mindfulness trainings are practices that require being constant. Mindfulness is all about cultivating inner-peace and this requires dedication. In mindfulness meditations, you expand your conscious awareness. You focus on the sensations, thoughts and feelings that you experience during meditation, such as the flow of your breath or the temperature it has. You can observe your thoughts and feelings and let them pass with no judgment.

• Tai chi

This type of meditation comes from a form of Chinese martial arts. In tai chi, you do a self-paced sequence of movements in a slow, peaceful way, while also practicing deep breathing, this helps to clear your mind.

• Yoga.

In this kind of meditation, you carry out a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises with the goal of a more flexible body and a calm mind. It requires balance and focus, and you’re motivated to have less focus on your busy day and more on the moment.

To sum up, there are many ways in which you can meditate, there is even a way that includes washing the dishes. There is a scientific study in which they have proven that washing the dishes while only thinking about washing the dishes relaxes and calms people. The science behind it is no different from any other kind of meditation, you have to let go of your problems and stress and only focus on one thing, in this case washing the dishes.


Mindfulness and meditation are heavily linked, mindfulness can be considered as a lifestyle while meditation helps us achieve that lifestyle. It has been scientifically proven that mindfulness exercises or mindful practices help overcome anxiety and depression.

These 2 dis-eases, anxiety and depression are sadly becoming more and more common. The amount of stress that people are subjected to in the 21st century is too much. This has a direct effect on our mental wellbeing. Nowadays, it’s fundamental to practice some kind of mindful practice to be able to liberate some of that pressure.

Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment. Many people live their days on autopilot mode. They are not present with what they are doing because they are thinking about 2, 3, 4 or 5 things at the same time. Our brain and definitely our body, can’t handle all of that at the same time so we start to live from coping mechanisms instead.

This is why meditation practice is so good. It helps to clear our mind and the stress. Suddenly we are able to be present in the moment and feel better with ourselves. This is the kind of impact that reducing stress can have on your life.

Mindfulness works for most people. It’s not an easy path but with perseverance and goodwill you can change your life and be more confident, more relaxed and ultimately have better quality of life.

How mindfulness helps with anxiety

Mindfulness is the ability of being fully present in awareness of where we are, what we’re doing and conscious of our surroundings. When you become conscious of the present moment, you gain access to parts of your inner-self that you may not have realized were with you all along.

You regain a sense of what you need and don’t need in your life. Maybe you can’t change your situation, but mindfulness practice offers the space to change your course of action regarding your situation.

By being in the present moment and not being overwhelmed by your own thoughts, you are totally able to liberate the stress, pressure and anxiety which helps you make better decisions. Practicing mindful exercises can radically change your life and most importantly your perspective on it.

Thoughts and emotions

Our thoughts and emotions manifest in our body, sometimes we don’t realize it, but the signs are there. Sometimes it can be a physical sensation, or it can also be something more serious as severe headaches or depression.

We need to take care of ourselves and have at least some practices with a mindful approach to our daily life. This way we will be able to cope with the stress and pressure of our daily life.

The effect of mindfulness and meditation in our life is truly amazing and liberating. We are able to experience sensations in a completely different way. Basically, we live in a different, more happy way.


If you would like to introduce mindfulness into your business or personal life, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


What My Clients Say

Are you looking to connect deeper with yourself?

If you are looking to overcome some internal conflicts and you are wanting to get to know yourself better, then we can help you! 


3 Session pack

If it is your first-time practicing mindfulness or you just curious about it, then this 3 sessions pack is ideal for you. With these 3 sessions you can understand what mindfulness is about and experience some of its benefits.


5 Session pack

With 5 sessions of mindfulness, you will be able to see and experience the world in a new different way. You will experience less emotional and mental overwhelm; which will offer you more clarity, peace and perspective.


10 Session pack

These 10 sessions have the power to completely transform your life. With this pack you will be able to start to embody a mindfulness lifestyle providing you with a new found inner peace, improved relationship with yourself and others and a connection with your inner joy. These sessions will benefit your personal and professional life.


Mindfulness for businesses

We offer a 4-week course for businesses to introduce mindfulness as a key way to reduce stress, anxiety, exhaustion, irritation and clear clouded minds across the team. This course is directed at teams to provide an effective outcome. Mindfulness in businesses offers the benefits of noticing more opportunities that often go unnoticed, to help pay more attention and learn to maintain focus for longer periods of time in a healthy and balanced manner. Mindfulness in business teaches us to learn to live versus living on autopilot and it also helps gain a new perspective on business and purpose in your workplace.


Frequently Asked

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. It will be a pleasure for me to answer all your queries.

Mindfulness is all about being mindful, which basically means live in the present moment. Really think about one thing at the time and don´t overwhelm the mind with thoughts.

Yes, I do offer my mindfulness services to people and businesses.


You may feel a deep relaxation during the session, you may also feel the release of stress and anxiety, and many other experiences that bring the result of a better feeling of yourself.

These sessions are created with a strong working ethic and code of practice is very important for you can feel safe. I work at a standard:

  • I hold a space for you to be yourself
  • It is important that you are 18 years or above
  • There are age limits on readings depending where you live. I will check this for you

If you are not happy with the information that is shared with you, you will always have the opportunity to leave the session and you will receive a full refund.


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