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If you are an organissation or asociation interested in a collaboration with me, feel free to contact me.

Red Cross

Self esteem and Emotional Intelligence course for parents and volunteers

Self esteem and Emotional Intelligence course

I worked in collaboration with the young generation department at the Red Cross for over a year to help coordinate the ‘success at school’ programme and I also delivered emotional intelligence workshops for volunteers and employees together with self esteem and coaching session for parents in economically vulnerable positions.


Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness course for teachers

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness course

In collaboration with the arts department at Cefire we delivered a 30 hour course on mindfulness and emotional intelligence for teachers for the whole of the province. It was a course packed with practical ideas to take to the classroom and it also helped train the teachers in these specialities. It is key for a teacher to embody mindfulness and emotional intelligence before teaching it themselves.

IES La Plana

Mindfulness Course for secondary school teachers

Mindfulness Course

 I delivered a 20 hour mindfulness workshop for teachers at this secondary school to really help them find a way to ease every day stress and to find a way to provide new activities, perspectives and tools to support teenage students to feel more focused and at ease with all their personal and academic challenges.

Authentic Purpose

Development of authentic relationships and communication skills.

authentic relationships and communication skills

I collaborate in the design and promotion of a business training course to support businesses across the world to engage in care and kindness throughout their business. It is a training course to help businesses become aware of the advantages that true employee care can offer to the quality of every day workplace interactions and how this can have a ripple effect in the delivery of their services and products.

Vicent Marça

Mindfulness Course for parents and close family members

Mindfulness Course

I worked in collaboration with the head teacher to deliver a program. The program delivered was designed to help families to gain awareness and learn tools to create a calm and peaceful environment at home. It was a program to guide them to reduce stress and anxiety levels, to make space for more loving communication at home and to learn self-care. ‘First take care of yourself to be able to give the best of you to those around you.’


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