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Astrology Using The Wisdom Of The Stars In Your Everyday Life

Since I was a teenager, I had an interest in Astrology and as the years went by, I actually started to believe less and less in it, as if it could have some influence over my life and I was scared to give my power away to it until, one day, I was very tired of struggling with relationships, especially intimate relationships where I went from one relationship to another and I just didn’t feel happy. There got to a point where I was dating my current partner but still something inside me didn’t feel right. I was genuinely tired of this feeling, it seemed to keep me from getting close to him, to genuinely enjoying the relationship. I had tried so many ways to shift this and finally I decided to have an astrology reading. I approached a friend of mine who also taught astrology and he recommended that I learn astrology rather than having a reading. It felt like quite an interesting proposal! And I haven’t turned back since then. I finished the 2 years of studying with him and I never stop studying. There is always more to learn in Astrology. I learnt so much about myself and how to overcome my inner challenges, make the most of my strengths and how to polish my talents.

The Astrology Of You And Me

So, if you are looking to connect deeper with yourself, if you are looking to overcome some internal conflicts and you are wanting to get to know yourself better then we can help you!

Birth Chart

Here I offer Birth Chart Astrology readings that really help you to get to know yourself better. You get to see and understand a much bigger picture about yourself and what is going on in your inner world. What drives and motivates you and how you can stay connected to this. What is holding you back from being true to yourself and what you can do to move toward being more of who you truly are.


In your Astrology session a lot of information will come to light and you will feel more aware, validated and energized after the reading.


Your Astrology Birth Chart is seen as Your Soul Life Plan and through the readings we get to really make the most of the learnings from the experiences that you have had throughout your life to support your growth and awakening process. WE get to explore your gifts and talents and turn difficult past situations on their head so that you get to see the soul treasures hidden in those moments.

Evolutionary and Psychological Astrology

The reading is based on Evolutionary and Psychological Astrology. It isn’t divination astrology. This type of astrology helps us understand our inner map in a conscious way. It’s about understanding internal behavior and interactions. Intent and motivations.


It is a type of Astrology that helps you get to know yourself better and it helps reveal what may be holding you back when it comes to living out your potential and connecting with your soul purpose. It helps you become aware of how you can make changes in a safe way that aligns with you and the way that you personally function.

Astrology For The Soul

I also offer Awakening Astrology sessions once you have had your first reading. These sessions are to support you to awaken your potential, remove the blocks consciously and propel you toward your Soul Purpose.

Throughout our life, parts of our energy and potential can be held back due to traumatic or unexpected experiences. Even soul contracts and vows. Agreements that we made on a more subconscious and unconscious level. The Awakening Astrology sessions help you see all of your psyche and how parts of you can be propelling you forward or holding you back. In these sessions we also clear blocks and heal what needs to be healed for you to feel more love, connection and zest for life.

What others are saying about the Awakening Astrology readings:

'I had a beautiful birth star chart reading with my sister Rosa Anna. It was so informative and insightful and I really feel like it gave me an opportunity to get to know myself a little deeper. I found it fascinating how certain things I have always felt were validated in my charts. Such a beautiful dive into the magic of the Cosmos I was absolutely Fascinated. I loved it so much that I recommended my mum to have a session as well. Thank you so much beautiful sister.

Elaine Sullivan-Child
Elaine_Testimonial 2

Meeting Rose Anna and experiencing her wisdom and delight is beyond articulation. She embraces her passion and purpose in service to others with tremendous enthusiasm and delivers wow factors that stir in the depths of your soul.

Leon van Kraayenburg
Leon V K.jpeg 1

'Wow Thank you! I’m feeling so connected to me…like you opened doors and window to my soul and my past but in a deeply loving and caring and profoundly insightful and accurate manner. You are so gifted in this work.'

Caroline Ainslie

'Wow Thank you! I’m feeling so connected to me, like you opened doors and window to my soul and my past but in a deeply loving and caring and profoundly insightful and accurate manner. You are so gifted in this work.

Juli Lynch

Awakening Astrology Sessions

Are you looking to connect deeper with yourself?

If you are looking to overcome some internal conflicts and you are wanting to get to know yourself better, then we can help you! 


Quick session

This session can help you get clear about certain questions or curiosities. It´s a quick session where you can ask anything you want. However, the time Is best used if you receive an insight or want to have a specific question answered.


Natal chart reading

In this session you can have a deeper and more comprehensive look at your natal chart. I have more of an opportunity to break down your natal chart, bringing details like your life journey, your soul purpose, hidden talents and individual opportunities.


Solar return reading

In this session we zoom into your year ahead from the moment of your birthday and we get to see the events that will stand out for you during your year. We will look into the areas of health, the areas of changes and opportunities, how you are going to be feeling, your experience with your family members, travel and also your love life. This session will also cover a specific area where you may have particular questions.


2022-year reading

Here I give a general year reading specific to the calendar year. This reading will give you an idea of the areas that will be easier for you and the ones that are going to help you grow, for the areas that will help you grow I will provide specific guidance to make the experience easier for you. You will receive a reading that provides you with the bigger picture over the year. This reading is to give you tools and guidance for your personal growth for the calendar year that you are in.


Frequently Asked

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. It will be a pleasure for me to answer all your queries.

The sessions follow a loving structure to make sure it is all carried out in the most loving, trusting and pure way.

It is very important for there to be a safe space for us to be able to connect. The readings are a safe and experienced space to allow the guidance to come through with the highest level of truth and love available.

You are able to ask any questions you have and receive safe and loving guidance.

After your reading you are able to receive a healing to comfort you and to reassure you and bring healing to any aspects of your life where you feel there is a lack of energy.

It depends, spiritual awakening it is not something that happens from night to day, it takes time and it´s better not rush it.


Spiritual coaching is for anyone who is looking for a new way to see life. Live in a different, more relaxed way. Spiritual coaching helps us to see the world with brand new eyes.

I have helped my clients achieve amazing things in my 8 years of work experience. I am a certified spiritual awakening coach and I truly love what I do. I love helping my clients and my soul is fulfilled when I see them with a smile on their face.

These sessions are created with a strong working ethic and code of practice is very important for you can feel safe. I work at a standard:

  • I hold a space for you to be yourself
  • It is important that you are 18 years or above
  • There are age limits on readings depending where you live. I will check this for you

If you are not happy with the information that is shared with you, you will always have the opportunity to leave the session and you will receive a full refund.


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