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Rose Anna: Mindfulness instructor, therapist and awakening coach.


Get To Know Me

A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Rose Anna, and I am a Awakenning Coach, Mindfulness Mentor, Life Mission Astrologer and Lightleader. Going back to my childhood I remember feeling really alive and awake until a big change happened in my life which put a veil over my eyes, and I experienced a lot of internal and external changes in my beliefs and reality. I now REMEMBER what it was like to be alive, ready for life, willing to learn, love and grow. Circumstances in life occur and many of them are for our benefit to experience what duality is so that we can CONSCIOUSLY choose to not live-in duality. This for me is another step in the process of awakening. Before choosing to become an awakening and legacy coach I worked as an Intuitive Therapist, mindfulness instructor and goal coach for about 8 years however, I felt something was missing. Thanks to the awakening that happened in me recently induced by how I felt about what we are experiencing globally at the moment I was able to dive deeper and really feel into what makes me feel fully alive and I found I had a deep yearning to guide others through their awakening and to support as many people to give shape and vision to their legacy. As time went by during this work, I connected on a deeper level to what I was feeling was truly meaningful to me and what I felt was my deepest passion and what appeared was a deep yearning for all of us to be able to communicate and be in a more awakened state than we are now. A state of gratitude, divine manifestation, and deep love for life.

My Mission & Approach

My passion is supporting people to step into their full potential and their soul’s life mission and to get clear around their legacy. I do this through safe and loving awakening processes with the help of the wisdom in their astrology charts and other wonderful self discovery tools. I know that we all evolve in different ways and in different timelines however I really want to be part of the shift that requires for us to shift from Homo Sapiens to what Richard Rudd from Gene Keys mentions and calls Homo Sanctus. When I first heard the concept of Homo Sanctus, the Sacred Human, I got so excited. I got a real sense of ‘yes, this is it! I embraced this deep meaningful feeling within me at the beginning of 2020 and here I am holding strong to this vision through my coaching and this very dynamic website so that you may explore different ways to continue your own path of awakening and how to discover your own legacy!

I’v Been Helping Create Positive Changes In People's Lives For Over 8 Years.

Interested in working together?

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How I want to help you

I help beautiful souls who are looking for guidance, healing and clarity to enjoy a divinely cherishing and fulfilling life. I help them to experience freedom in their heart, alignment with their souls and peace in their mind.

I help people to come out of confusion, connect with their souls and follow their soul path with clarity!

By understanding their inner life, overcoming challenges, achieving meaningful personal growth and connect with their life mission.


To fully embrace and accept themselves and the gift they are to the world.

To find clarity around what they really want to do, to tap deeply into their talents, find their blocks and what they came here to be and do, to connect more deeply with themselves and their inner world through personal discovery tools (coaching, healing, astrology, human design, gene keys and enneagrams and anything else that we may need!), to get clarity around their life mission and to acknowledge and heal past traumas that are holding them back from stepping into their true soul path. Through deep love, unconditional listening and awareness.

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Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • Are you struggling to stay in your power and center in your life?
  • Do you feel confused and unsure about the direction of your life?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your soul purpose or mission?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then my coaching programmes will bring you clarity and connection. I invite you to a Complimentary Discovery Session

Red Cross

Self-esteem and Emotional Intelligence course for parents and volunteers.


Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness course for teachers.

IES La Plana

Mindfulness Course for secondary school teachers

Authentic Purpose

Development of authentic relationships and communication skills.

Vicent Marça

Mindfulness Course for parents and close family members.

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What My Clients Say

Areas Of Specialty

Awakening Coach

Align with your power, gain connection with your soul and clarity around your life mission and purpose.

Spiritual coach

Extra support to center yourself. Extra bit of Love and guidance to feel stronger and to experience more inner peace and balance.


Be fully present and aware of your thoughts and feelings. Let go of negativity, relax your body and mind to help reduce anxiety and stress.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that works with the energy fields around the body. Reiki reduces stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and bringing you on a meditative state and natural self-healing.

Personalised Coaching

3 – month personalised coaching program to help you and accompany you to achieve a short term dream, objective, vision or idea.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

The Awakened Entrepreneur, The Spiritual Entrepreneur and The Sacred Entrepreneur. Each one follows the next in an ascension experience for entrepreneurs interested in deepening their spiritual path.

Akashic records

Throughout our life, parts of our energy and potential can be held back due to traumatic or unexpected experiences. Even soul contracts and vows. Agreements that we made on a more subconscious and unconscious level.

Awakening Astrology

It is seen as Your Life Plan in terms of your experiences. It is a type of Astrology that helps you get to know yourself better and it helps reveal what may be holding you back when it comes to living out your potential.


Frequently Asked

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. It will be a pleasure for me to answer all your queries.

The sessions follow a loving structure to make sure it is all carried out in the most loving, trusting and pure way.

It is very important for there to be a safe space for us to be able to connect. The readings are a safe and experienced space to allow the guidance to come through with the highest level of truth and love available.

You are able to ask any questions you have and receive safe and loving guidance.

After your reading you are able to receive a healing to comfort you and to reassure you and bring healing to any aspects of your life where you feel there is a lack of energy.

It depends, spiritual awakening it is not something that happens from night to day, it takes time and it’s better not rush it.


Spiritual coaching is for anyone who is looking for a new way to see life. Live in a different, more relaxed way. Spiritual coaching helps us to see the world with brand new eyes.

I have helped my clients achieve amazing things in my 8 years of work experience. I am a certified spiritual awakening coach and I truly love what I do. I love helping my clients and my soul is fulfilled when I see them with a smile on their face.

These sessions are created with a strong working ethic and code of practice is very important for you can feel safe. I work at a standard:

  • I hold a space for you to be yourself
  • It is important that you are 18 years or above
  • There are age limits on readings depending where you live. I will check this for you

If you are not happy with the information that is shared with you, you will always have the opportunity to leave the session and you will receive a full refund.


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